Women Empowerment

Project Overview

She” leading to Sustainability…. this might a single statement but involves the ones who make up half of the world’s population. The 5th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations is aimed to “achieve gender quality and empower all women and girls”, or simply on “Gender Equality” . And achieving a society devoid of all gender bias is the need of our future . Since time immemorial , the potential of women particularly have been undermined in our society but today we can clearly observe their immense “necessity “ in nation building , national development and making the world a better place to live in.Women indeed are leading in every sphere working towards achieving sustainability.

Step by Step Projects

We have initiated the Handloom project. The villagers already had the skill of making beautiful handloom and were using it for their personal or religious use and had never commercialised it. In order to empower the women , we trained them in Handloom Training centre of Rajmai where IIIE sponsored their training completely . They (Maina Pegu and Mansi Doley) were taught to use new machines and technology . We installed a machine in the village where they began to train other women . But many of the women were more comfortable in using their traditional bamboo handlooms for production and could product faster in them . Hence we shifted 3 of such looms in the campus and made the houses with hay