Project Dehingkalghar FC & Dehing FC (Africa)

Project Overview

Our Start up formed new football team in Dehing Kalghar( our Project adopted village) , we sponsored the jersey , footballs , training equipment & other necessary apparatus . We are euphoric to announce that “Dehing kalghar FC” is finally ready. Today i have presented them the Team Jersey from my side.

In upcoming days , Our Start up has all the faith that this team will perform extraordinarily. All the youth of this region who are passionate regarding sports will be supported and may they bring immense pride to the village


Dehing Fc ( Rwanda)
The name Dehing Fc inspired from Dehing river & Dehing Kalghar (Assam )
The trip of Africa was absolutely enriching and significant for our Start up to bring about a definite direction.
We have seen poverty in India and have worked with poverty stricken communities in Assam, but the conditions that we saw where in Africa were even more hard.
The children here are very good athletes and are prodigious in sports but they lack any proper equipment. With the request of local youth , our start up sponsored Jerseys to one such team in Rwanda on behalf of Paul’s Production.
We wish this team of our shines bright and that they play with utmost grace and spirit. May they emerge as one of the best teams not only in Rwanda but in entire Africa.
We had a very enriching experience with all the workshops we provided and the case studies we built.