Project Overview

Project Handloom by Paul Kakoty is a transformative initiative dedicated to preserving and promoting the exquisite art of handloom weaving. With a focus on reviving traditional techniques and empowering skilled artisans, we strive to create sustainable livelihoods and showcase the timeless beauty of handloom fabrics. Join us in celebrating a vibrant heritage while empowering communities and fostering a thriving handloom industry.

Step by Step Projects

The genesis of this project lies in the idea to aid and empower the people in utilising their skills in a more efficient and secure manner.

The project was initiated in the village itself where the weavers are using their own looms along with the Maina Automatic handlooms provided by us.

We have provided them with yarns so that they can carry on their production without any inconvenience. Workshops and training sessions are provided time to time where new designs are being taught to the weavers. We provide them the wage of weaving and also buy our products from them .

In the final stage , our startup helps in marketing these products . Thus in the entire process , the weavers have found a secured space where they can harness their skills in efficient manner . This process has also raised the profit margin of the weavers providing them an enhanced quality of life .