Project Overview

Paul Kakoty’s empowering handcrafted creations transcend boundaries, weaving stories of resilience and craftsmanship into every thread, igniting a spark of hope in the hearts of artisans worldwide.

Step by Step Projects

This project was initiated by providing workshops to the local artisans regarding how bamboo handicraft can be made and how it can help in improving their profit margins.

The master trainer provides training to the young dropouts who eventually become artisans and we provide them wages during the training period so that they can sustain themselves and their families.

Post training, the artisans begin production with all the raw materials and equipment’s provided by us. At the end , they sell their produce to our start up and PAUL KAKOTY helps in marketing those products.

The artisans are thus empowered in every step of production . This has helped in reducing the rural to urban migration in search of job opportunities. These artisans have been elevated from poverty and their profit margins have been raised significantly.